I‘m pregnant – can I travel?


On our North Sea routes women who are more than 28 weeks pregnant should consult their doctor before travelling and will be required to provide a medical certificate, covering both the outward and return journey dates, prior to travel. If the medical certificate only covers the outward journey date, then a second medical certificate will need to be obtained prior to and for the return journey. Failure to do so will result in embarkation being refused. Travel will not be permitted where women are more than 34 weeks pregnant.

On our Short Sea and Irish Sea routes a medical certificate will be required for women who are more than 38 weeks pregnant. For the avoidance of doubt, note that for all routes, the stage of pregnancy previously stated refers to the stage reached at time of travel and not at time of booking. The medical certificate is required to confirm fitness to travel. A maternity certificate will not be accepted in its stead. In special circumstances we reserve the right to refuse carriage or request a medical certificate at any stage of pregnancy. You should be aware that we will not be able to supply any seasickness remedies.

By having all the information we need we can rest assured knowing you’re fit and healthy enough to sail the high seas.