Is there a charge to amend my booking?

There could be a charge to amend your booking depending on the type of ticket that you booked.

For example, Saver tickets incur an amendment fee and a re-price and are not refundable, whereas amending our Fully Flexi and Premier tickets does not incur a charge as long as your journey duration and vehicle remain the same:



Standard Flexi

Fully Flexi


In a Nutshell

Our best value ticket

A little flexibility on the day you travel

Travel whenever you want

Travel in style with flexibility

Booking Change Fee?

YES – Fee and ticket price difference applies

NO – Ticket price difference applies

NO – If the duration and vehicle stay the same

NO – If the duration and vehicle stay the same

You can find out more about our different ticket types, and which one you should choose, here.

Ticket Terms and Conditions